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Use our free and instant eligibility checker to see if we are able to submit your profile for Instagram verification.

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We will write PR articles about you

The most important factor for getting verified is your online press. Our team of publicists will write and publish interviews and press articles on various online publications. These will be visible when Googling your name.


We submit your account

We will submit your request for verification through the Facebook Media Partner Panel (used by major record labels, tv channels, film studies and media agencies) which lets us talk directly to Instagram and Facebook, and allows us to explain why you should get verified and has the highest possible success rate.

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We offer two options. A full-service package that will get you more online press and interview articles (a requirement for Instagram verification), and a submission-only package for those who already have online press and interviews

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Professional PR articles

Our dedicated team of PR experts have written hundreds of articles to increase social proof and get clients verified.

Easy to use

Our process is quick and streamlined. Let our experts take care of the entire process for you.

High Success Rate

Our service has a 96% higher chance of getting verified than submitting yourself in-app, please note the final decision is still always in hands of Instagram.

No Password Needed

We don't need access to your account and don't need any login information. Just your Instagram username.

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Get your questions about Verifiedbadge answered!

Can't I just request verification via the Instagram app?

You can, but 97% of these requests are denied by Instagram automatically. We have access to a media partner panel (used by major record labels, tv channels and media agencies) which lets us talk directly to Instagram and Facebook, and allows us to explain why you should get verified and has the highest possible success rate.

Is it guaranteed that I will get verified?

While it is our #1 priority to get you verified, we cannot guarantee it as the decision is ultimately up to Instagram. However, we can guarantee that our method has the highest success rate due to the increase of your online visibility and press, and the submission through a media partner panel (which is being used by top record labels, tv channels, film studios and media agencies).

Does this actually work?

Yes. We have successfully verified hundreds of accounts and our technique has been proven to work every time.

What is PR?

PR stands for Press Articles, it's articles about you that can be found online. It's a mandatory requirement for verification and is really important. If you already have some PR you can proceed with our submission only package, if you don't have PR yet our editors are more than happy to help you get 2 articles published with our Platinum Verification Package.

Do I get a refund if I don't get verified?

Since the final decision is in hands of Instagram we can not guarantee verification. For the submission only package we do not offer refunds, for the Platinum Verification package we offer a refund of the submission fee (49$) but this will take away your free of charge re-submission.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all major creditcards such as Mastercard and VISA.